Monitoring pump efficiency and rate of wear will save you money.

Eff MonitorsThe Marcor Pump Efficiency Monitor measures real-time pump energy wastage and flow rate accurately using the thermodynamic method as described in ISO5198.  It allows you to manage your pump and pumping system’s performance in real-time rather than relying on periodic pump test results.  Any condition that arises which can lead to energy wastage or pump damage, can be responded to immediately. Read more about our Pump Efficiency Monitor / Flow meter

Pump Life Cycle Costs 4

Some studies have shown that 30% to 50% of the energy consumed by pump systems could be saved through equipment or control system changes.

There is always pressure on the industry, and especially on pump users to

  • reduce energy wastage
  • reduce costs
  • reduce pollution.


The saying goes “If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it”.  This is also true for energy wastage and being able to know where and how much energy is wasted, is the first step to reducing energy wastage. The questions that needs answering are:

stick_figure_shrugging_150_clr_9919 mediumHow much energy and money are my pumps wasting?


If I want to save money, WHEN is the ideal time to rebuild my pump?



Real-time efficiency monitoring or pump tests?

For the price of 2 or 3 pump tests, you can now monitor your pump performance in real-time for at least the next 20 years.  Your pump management staff can now spend more time managing your pump and pump systems to reduce energy wastage and less time collecting pump performance data in the field.

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The Save / Spend dilemma

stick_figure_tightrope_10555Saving money is not just about reducing energy wastage.  It is the ability to balance the costs of energy wastage with the cost of rebuilding a pump to reduce the overall life-cycle costs.


Read more on how monitoring pump energy wastage can be used to forecast pump maintenance.

Marcor’s Pump Efficiency Monitor was developed to provide pump and asset managers with a reliable tool to accurately measure and monitor energy wastage and to be able to confidently forecast maintenance activities.  This efficiency monitor will provide the necessary information to realize significant savings.


The device uses the thermodynamic method for  determining the energy losses in the pumped fluid.  This method has the advantage that the percentage energy losses can be determined by measuring the changes in pressure and temperature across a pump.  It does not require a flow meter reading.

The key parameters are:

  • Energy wastage (%)
  • Pump Efficiency (%)
  • Cost of Pumping (kWh/kl)
  • Flow (l/s)
  • Head (m)
  • Power (kW)

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By adding an input from a power meter to the Marcor Pump Efficiency Monitor, a very useful parameter can be obtained, namely flow rate.  Determining flow in this manner has significant advantages, including:Flowmeter

  • Inexpensive
  • No need for long lengths of straight pipe.
  • No need to cut pipework
  • Uncertainties of less than 1 percent


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