About us

Marcor International Pty Ltd is an Australian technology provider based near Adelaide in South Australia.  Our core business is to seek and develop solutions that will not only have a commercial benefit to our customers, but will also help the environment.

Our products are developed and manufactured in Australia to the highest standards.  Our quality promise is backed by our 5 year product warranty.

Our technology is distributed through accredited agents and distributors across the globe.

Pump Efficiency MonitorPEM Probes

Marcor’s Pump Efficiency Monitor enables accurate, real-time monitoring of energy wastage . The monitor collects information that can be used to manage and schedule maintenance of pumps thereby reducing both energy and maintenance costs.

Differential Temperature TransmitterdTProbes

Marcor’s Differential Temperature Transmitter is able to measure changes in temperature across the pump to within 0.001°C (1mK). The 4 – 20mA output also interfaces with industry standard plant control systems.


10 reasons to use Marcor productsEff Monitors

  1. Affordable monitoring of energy wastage
  2. Flow metering
  3. Reduced power bills
  4. Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  5. Reduced pump life-cycle cost (LCC)
  6. Prolong pump life
  7. Determines the rate at which energy wastage increase
  8. Assists with scheduling pump services/maintenance
  9. Eliminates unnecessary services / repairs
  10. Easy to install


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