Pump Efficiency and Flow Monitor

The Marcor Pump Efficiency Monitor measures pump efficiency and flow rate accurately using the thermodynamic method as described in ISO5198.  It allows you to manage your pump and pumping system’s performance in real-time rather than relying on periodic pump test results.  Any condition that arises which can lead to energy wastage or pump damage, can be responded to immediately.


 Key features

  • Very affordable
  • Low installation costs
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Excellent quality
  • Super stable temperature sensors with no after-sale factory calibrations required.



Measured parameters

  • Differential temperature (mK) (Note: 1mK = 0.001°C)
  • Suction pressure (kPa)
  • Discharge pressure (kPa)
  • Power consumption (kW)
  • Fluid Temperature (°C )

Calculated parameters

  • Energy efficiency (%)
  • Flow (l/s)
  • Cost of pumping (kWh/kl)
  • Head (m)


Flow meteringFlowmeter

Advantages of using the Marcor Pump Efficiency Monitor as a flowmeter include:

  • Low capital investment
  • Easily and inexpensively installed
  • Uncertainties of better than 1%
  • Does not require long lengths of straight pipe work
  • No need to cut pipework


Money saving opportunities

  • Reduce energy wastage
  • Save on routine inspection costs
  • Eliminate unnecessary maintenance
  • Improve system performance

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Real-time efficiency monitoring or pump tests?

For the price of 2 or 3 pump tests, you can now monitor your pump performance in real-time for at least the next 20 years.  Your pump management staff can now spend more time managing your pump and pump systems to reduce energy wastage and less time collecting pump performance data in the field.  <Read more>


  • Measures energy wastage
  • No external flowmeter required
  • Easily installed
  • Excellent long term stability



  • Reduce operating costs
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Improve process efficiencies
  • Valuable Asset Management tool
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Replace conventional flow meters


The complete kit

Efficiency Monitor-presure-power

Complete pump monitoring kit includes a Pump Efficiency Monitor, 2 x temperature probes, 2 x pressure transmitters and a power meter

The complete kit consist of:

  • Pump Efficiency Monitor
  • 2 x high precision, super stable temperature  probes to measure changes in temperature across the pump to within 0.001°C (1mK).
  • 2 x pressure sensors
  • Power meter


Principal of operation

The first law of thermodynamics is also known as the principle of conservation of energy, which means that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change from one form to another. In application, it follows that any lost energy inside a pump is converted to heat, which is carried away by the pumped medium. This results in a temperature rise across the pump. Therefore energy efficiency can be determined by measuring the difference in temperature and pressure across the pump without measuring the flow rate.


Typical installation

To measure the differential temperature and pressure across the pump, a tapping point, fitted with a 10mm (3/8”) nominal bore isolation valve, is required on either side of the pump.  This tapping point should be two pipe diameters away from the pump flanges. The temperature probes are inserted into the flow, and the pressure sensors are mounted on a T-piece, fitted to the isolation valve. The power consumption is measured using a power meter and the data is communicated to the Marcor Pump Efficiency Monitor via a RS485 link.

Eff Monitors

Pump Efficiency Monitors

Tapping point

Typical tapping point for pressure and temperature measurements



Thermowells must be used in high pressure or dangerous applications


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