Pump efficiency monitoring saves money

The Marcor Pump Efficiency Monitor measures energy wastage and flow rate accurately using the thermodynamic method as described in ISO5198.  It allows you to manage your pump and pumping system’s performance in real-time rather than relying on periodic pump test results.  Any condition that arises which can lead to energy wastage or pump damage, can be responded to immediately.

Pump Efficiency Monitor

Marcor Pump Efficiency Monitor & Flowmeter

The ultimate pump monitoring system for:

– Eliminating energy wastage

– Pump condition monitoring

– Real-time pump system analysis

– Flow metering



Saving Opportunities

Reduce energy wastage

You cannot manage what you cannot measure. Measuring the amount of energy wasted by pumps will enable you to better manage and reduce your energy bill.

The Marcor Pump Efficiency Monitor provides real-time measurement of wasted energy and pump efficiency monitoring in a pumping system which will allow you to implement strategies to prevent wastage.


Eliminate unnecessary maintenance

Whilst is seems like a good idea to repair a pump as often as possible to reduce the energy wastage, the cost of premature repair work will quickly offset any savings. Pin-pointing the most effective time for refurbishing a pump is key to minimising the pump’s life-cycle costs.

Using the Marcor Pump Efficiency Monitor, it is possible to determine the rate at which the energy wastage increases over time and to forecast the ideal time for pump refurbishment, saving you money on unnecessary repair work.


Save on routine inspection costs

If it is not broken, don’t fix it!!

This is especially true for pumps. There will be no need to spend money on expensive inspections while the pump is operating efficiently. When the pump starts wasting energy, you can be sure that it will require repair work, no inspection required.

The Marcor Pump Efficiency Monitor is a reliable pump condition monitoring tool and is ideal for incorporating into an ISO55001 Asset Management program.


Improve system performance

Pumps are an integral part of many industrial processes. If the pump fails to deliver to the design specifications, the overall efficiency of the process will suffer.

The Marcor Pump Efficiency Monitor will immediately detect poor pump and system performance giving you the opportunity to fix the problems before significant financial losses occur.