Advantages of real-time pump efficiency monitoring over periodic pump tests

The Marcor Pump Efficiency Monitor is so affordable that, for the cost of a couple of pump tests, you can have your pump performance data in real time.  Your pump management staff can now spend less time collecting pump performance data in the field and spend more time managing your pump and pump systems to reduce energy wastage.

Eff Monitors

With Marcor’s Pump Efficiency Monitor, pumps can be tested as often as is required without the hassle of setting up and calibrating the equipment.  Considering the affordability of Marcor’s Pump Efficiency Monitor, pump testing may no longer be profitable.While pump tests are only a snapshot in time, continuous pump monitoring has the following advantages:

  • Data is more than a snapshot in time.
  • Less time spent on collecting data is more time spent on managing pump performance
  • Low pump efficiency can be detected without delay.
  • System problems are identified at pump start-up.
  • Pipe blockages and air-locks can be identified immediately.